Mooncow v4

Moon Cow (bos primigenius mentis)

The moon cows (bos primigenius mentis) are high-intelligence animals living on the moon. They outlook is very similar to the simple cows, the only difference is that the moon cows looks like inverse simple cows: They have blue nose, black skin with white freckles. Every people has cows on the moon and with math you can count the number of them. The moon cows die when their owner dies and born 2140 years before their owner born. The avg. age of the moon cows is about 2200 years. Moon cows are highly more intelligence than humans but even so the humans are the owners not the cows.



Moon cows alias cows have twice bigger brain than human's. The volume of their brain is over 1,24 m3 and is placed in the head and also the neck part of the body. The brain suggests to a banana. 76% of their complete energy is for operate the brain. That's one reason why they are so intelligence. Nobody met them expect the astonauts but they couldn't realized the reason of their high intelligence.


Moon cows don't even proliferate. No part of the science can explain how they born. There is no male or female cow. If we need to say an example of their gender we would say they are like mushrooms of the gender, because there is no male and no female cows, just cows.


Moon cows talk in the 42nd dimension with their special organ placed at the breast part. No astronauts who traveled to the moon had talk to them as ever, because human-kind creatures can't understand the language of the moon cows. The 42nd dimension is not interpetable with the human brain. Naturally Humans are living in the 42nd dimension but they can't feel it or affect it against the moon cows. That's why moon cows are more intelligence that humans.