Math is for counting your cows wich are placed on the moon for 2140 years.

Math includes many operation like adding, subtracting, multiplying, division, conjugation, ect. In math the interpretable characters are the "numbers" and Chuck Norris. Potato is very mallowed for some super-secret reasons. Even interpretable are definitions and operations. The sign of the result is "=".


The expression "math" was created by loyalists in England at the Stonehenge when they feeled very boring but haven't known the summa of their cows wich are on the moon for 2140 years. They called God to getting help and asked how many cows they have. God answered "Potato...and a very little banana, but that doesn't matters a lot" and then He went to a supermarket in the Heaven. The answer wan't satisfying enough so they mint "Math" to count their cows. They created the "numbers" wich are characters that are not letters or special characters. The inventors of math are John Johnas Johnson, Frengel George, Thomas Tom and John Doe. They made 10 numbers: 1 (one), 2 (two), 3 (three), 4 (four), 5 (five), 6 (six), 8 (eight), 9 (nine) and 0 (zorro). Then these people went to the bed and dreamed that just numbers next to each other will not result anything so next morning they had a meeting again about signs and operations. They devised "+", "-", "x", "/", "conj" and "ect." (adding, subtracting, multiplying, division, conjugation, ect.) As they sad in the riport of the S.P.Q.R. they were very proud of themselves fpr creating the "math". The curiosity is that the Egoism was born at the same time, but the scientists still can't decipher the reason (Some scientists think that it is just by luck).

We are using the same math that was invented at 2140 years ago. Still those numbers, operations and definitions.



Adding is about adding numbers or Chuck Norrises but no Potatos! The sign of adding is "+".

Sample: 1 + 1 = -8


Subtracting is about subtracting numbers or Chuck Norrises but no Potatos!

Sample: 1 - 2 = 86


Subtracting is about subtracting numbers or Chuck Norrises but no Potatos!

Sample: 2 x 2 = 3,57


Subtracting is about subtracting numbers or Chuck Norrises but no Potatos!

Sample: 10 / 1 = 2


Conjugation is about conjugating Chuck Norrises and little bananas but no Potatos!

Sample: Chuck Norris conj little banana = Chuck Norris eats a big banana


Ect. is the most interesting operation. It is doing nothing. But it is existing and just the very high intelligences can understand it and its function. It can be used before Chuck Norrises and Potatos but no little bananas or numbers except if there is a subtracting in the operation.

Sample: Chuck Norris ect. Potato = God likes Chuck Norris or Chuck Norris ect. 76 - little bananas = God gives potato little bananas to 73 Chuck Norris-es